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Sustainability Policy

The Sublime Hotels Group Sustainability Policy is made up of a series of commitments that guide the decisions taken to address the issue of sustainable development, which is seen as the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and social equity.
The Sublime Hotels Group is aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable development in a tourist destination characterised by its natural heritage and undertakes to respect the principles of the Global Charter for Sustainable Tourism and to ensure the sustainable management of its activities.
To this end, the Sublime Hotels Group has a sustainability policy in place, whereby it is committed to:
– Defining, reviewing and monitoring its objectives with a view to continuously improve its management system and its environmental, social and economic performance;
– Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and other requirements applicable to its activities;
– Carrying out eco-efficient management, promoting good environmental practices, and preventing pollution and other forms of environmental degradation;
–  Meeting customer needs and building customer loyalty, offering products, services and experiences that exceed their expectations, and obtaining their feedback in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction;
– Working with government agencies, municipalities, associations, community groups or individuals and other stakeholders to create a sustainable community and promote ethical and human values;
–  Protecting human rights and defending equal rights and opportunities;
– Combating sexual exploitation or any other form of exploitation and harassment, in particular of children, young people, women and minorities;
–  Adopting accessibility measures for people with disabilities (sensory, physical, intellectual and psychological);
–  Promoting the satisfaction and motivation of its employees by providing training and awareness-raising activities to develop their skills and compliance with the principles of this Policy;
–  Communicating its sustainability performance;
– Supporting the local community, preserving and promoting its cultural and social traditions, focusing on regional products and hiring locally;
– Promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the region in which it is located.
Comporta, 7th March 2023